Faculty Mission

  1. To strive to produce roundly trained University agriculture and forestry graduates, who are well motivated and empowered to initiate, sustain and accelerate development in their rural communities, the Nigerian community and informational community.
  2. To provide both administrative and academic leadership to all staff (teaching and non-teaching) of the faculty, as well as to guide the teaching and supervision of all bonafide students of the faculty.
  3. To assist in the provision of adequate funding for meeting all capital and recurrent needs of the various programmes/departments and units within the faculty, as an integral component of the University of Calabar.
  4. To provide facilities and equipment for teaching and learning, through and provision of all aspects of information communication: library materials and information technologies.
  5. To assist in providing linkage with neighbouring universities as well as overseas universities and other educational agencies and community service to the larger Nigerian society.