Department Mission

Soil Science is an applied science, with its own set of tools and techniques for preparing graduating students for addressing emerging national and global issues on agriculture and land use. It is an applied science, which has hitherto been restricted to solving agricultural problems. Soil Science is fundamental to programmes such as environmental conservation and forestry; environmental impact assessment; erosion, flood and coastal area management; pollution control and environmental health; drought and desertification amelioration; soil engineering, etc. Worldwide, soil science has changed considerably, in the past decades especially from the 1980s as focus shifted from agriculture to broader environmental issues. The main development has been that many of the descriptive practices were replaced by systematic observations coupled with inductive reasoning and deductive experimentation.

To produce roundly trained agricultural graduates with bias in Soil Science, who are well motivated and poised to initiate, sustain and accelerate development in their rural communities, as well as the international community, using sound theoretical knowledge and application of innovations in Agricultural and agronomic sciences.

  1. To develop soil scientists that will meet the manpower needs of the Federal and State Governments in the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources, Ministry of Environment and Housing, Universities; Research Institutions, Oil Companies, etc.
  2. To broaden the scope of Soil Science discipline to cover agronomy, soil engineering and environmental science in line with regional/global needs and trend.
  3. To set up and maintain a standard and holistic approach to the study of soil, not only for agronomic productivity but also for addressing relevant environmental and engineering issues.
  • To train (in character and learning) future work force in the various areas of Soil Science.
  • To prepare and equip students with the necessary skills required to manage the vast natural (land, water and air) resources for improved standards of living.
  • To provide the needed expertise and human resources for Nigeria and Africa in specialized areas of soil, water and environmental resources utilization and management.
  • To ensure that appropriate (basic and applied) research is carried out on various problems besetting soils of the region and proffer solutions to them.
  • Pedology, Soil Survey, Mapping and Land Use Planning
  • Soil Fertility, Fertilizers & Plant Nutrition
  • Soil Chemistry and Mineralogy
  • Soil & Water Conservation & Land Management
  • Soil Physics, Rehabilitation and Amelioration
  • Soil Biology & Land Pollution Control
  • Hydrology
  • Irrigation & Drainage