Department Mission

The Food Science and Technology programme is geared towards developing a highly knowledgeable, skilled and inspired professionals in generating innovations and applications of principles with cutting edge technologies that would provide innovative solutions to the challenges of the rapid changes in food industry from production to processing and consumer demands.
To produce high caliber Food Science and Technology Graduates who will be well equipped through the training they receive so as to support the rapid changes in food industries

To expand and transfer knowledge for continuous improvement of the safety, quality, value and security of the world's food supply through basic research and outreach programs.

The broad objective is to produce Food Science and Technology graduates who are self-reliant, who can create employment, who can take up professional careers in government, academia, and who can operate successfully in the global food industry. The Department is dedicated to the continuing development and practice of creative teaching, innovative research and high impact public extension program.

The specific objectives of the programme include:
  1. To enable students to develop problem based learning approach together with critical thinking skills for innovative solutions.

  2. To provide students with broad knowledge of the wide scope of Food Science and Technology including such areas as Food Chemistry/Biochemistry, Food Processing, Food Microbiology, Food Toxicology, Engineering System Design, and Nutrition.

  3. To provide a practical and theoretical training on:
  • The conversion of raw agricultural produce into processed, packaged shelf stable food products and intermediate raw materials.
  • Different aspects of food preservation.
  • Establishment, maintenance and assurance of food quality.
  • Design and maintenance of food process machineries.
  • Direct practical experience in food industries, food research laboratories/station and government agencies responsible for the formulation and enforcement of food laws.
  • Entrepreneurial skills that will make students self-reliant/employed on graduation.
  • The ultimate goal is to contribute to the well-being of the Nigerian society and the world at large by maintaining and improving the safety, variety and quality of food.