Graduation Requirement

The Department of Food Science and Technology awards degree of Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Food Science and Technology. The following classes of degree are awarded on the basis of corresponding cumulative grade point average (CGPA).

CGPA  Class of Degree 
4.5-50  1st Class Honours 
3.50-4.49  2nd Class Honours (Upper Division) 
2.40-3.49  2nd Class Honours (Lower Division) 
1.50-2.39  Third Class Honours 
1.00-1.49  Pass 
0.0-0.99  Fail 
*CGPA - Cummulative Grade Point Average
All examination scores shall be converted to letter grades ranging from A to F as shown in Table below.

All letter grades are also assigned specific grade points, ranging from5 (for A) to 0 (for F) and these grade points are used in the computation of CGPA which form the basis for degree classification at the end of each academic program as shown in Table below.

All prescribed courses are considered in the computation of the final CGPA for the degree classification at the University of Calabar, Calabar.
Scoring and Grading Systems
Exam Score (Percent)  Letter Grade  Grade Point  CGPA  Class of Degree 
70-100  4.50-5.00  First Class 
60-69  3.50-4.49  Second Class Lower 
50-59  2.40-3.49  Second Class Lower 
45-49  1.51-2.39  Third Class 
40-44  1.50  Pass 
00-39  0.00-1.49  Fail