Department Mission

The relevance of the Department is seen in terms of its contribution to the immediate community, the State, the Nation and beyond. this is viewed in terms of teaching, research and community services. Graduates of the department are to be tranined and equipped as major agents in the development of the state, the nation and humanity in agricultural economics and extension services and rural sociology.

The mission of the Department is to produce graduates of the highest moral and academic excellence and to train them with an orientation to utilize modern technological and managerial tools for societal development. The graduates shoud also engage in academic and research activities geared towards poverty reduction, food security, employment opportunities, employment generation and raw materials production for industries and sustainable development.

The vision of the Department is to train men and women on the requisite attitudes,knowledge and skills in order to equip them to contribute to the development of their communities, Nigeria and the world at large.

  1. To develop student skills in analysing and solving agricultural problems using extension and rural sociology principle.
  2. To equip students with necessary skills to take up jobs both in the private and public sectors of the Nigerian economy.
  3. To train students to be able to conduct advanced research in the dual area of Agricultural Economics and Extension.
  4. To train and equip students with skills in technology dissemination and transfer.
  5. To train and equip students with skills to become job creators.