Department History

The Department of Agricultural Economics which is one the latest within the Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry and Wildlife Resources Management existed as a unit the erstwhile Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension since 1987 before the splitting in the 2014/2015 academic session to offer courses leading to the award of Bachelor of Agriculture in Agricultural Economics. The Department has experiencing considerable growth in its undergraduate program and postgraduate programmes with respect to student population, staff strength (in terms of number and quality) as well as the variety of interesting courses that are offered.

Teaching courses like Introduction to Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Introduction to Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Marketing and Cooperatives, Farm Management and Accounting, Resource Economics, Agricultural finance, Econometrics, Agricultural Development and policy among others in the Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry and Wildlife Resources Management in the University of Calabar is the responsibility of the Department. The Department also services the Faculty of Education and the Department of Science Laboratory Technology. More so, the Department is guiding and directing the work of an increasing number of postgraduate degrees and diploma students in various areas in Agricultural Economics. The Department has created research Committees in under 4 Major research areas of; Development and Policy, Environmental and Resource Economics, Agricultural Financing and Agribusiness Management and Marketing.

Members in these teams are currently carrying out a lot studies on rural and urban agriculture with emphasis on efficiency, credit demand, poverty, food security and climate change among others with a view to providing information that will help in addressing them locally and globally.

The Department’s graduate programme that started with just two students in 1994 has graduated over sixty students with PGD, MSc. and PhD and still counting.

The Department has of a crop of hardworking and dedicated academic staff which include; three Professors, two Associate Professors, two Senior Lecturers and three Lecturers 1 teaching and supervising postgraduate students.
Information provided by this medium is to help answer questions often asked by the public, especially potential students, on our undergraduate and post graduate programmes and facilities available and our hope that it will serve that purpose.