Department Mission

The philosophy of our degree programme is premised on the belief that every student in this Department is capable of being a world class Agricultural Economics graduate if provided with adequate theoretical and practical agricultural training in a conducive, teaching and learning environment.
To provide qualitative education through quality teaching and learning methods that will inculcate in our students the capacity to engage in integrated life applicable and life transforming research targeted at solving such problems as inefficient resource allocation, poverty, hunger and food insecurity.
To be a centre of excellence for the production of high quality graduates in the sub discipline of Agricultural Economics who will be useful to themselves, the nation and the society at large.
  1. The programme will seek to produce first rate Agricultural Economists with a broad based training in Agricultural Sciences who can combine academic excellence with a strong sense of ethical responsibility to provide solutions to problems of the agricultural industry thereby contributing meaningfully to local, State, National and global agricultural development.

  2. Enhance the application of economic principles by graduates to provide relevant and appropriate solutions to Rural, State and National Agricultural development problems with the aim of improving agricultural productivity;

  3. Arm graduates with the thorough understanding of Agricultural science and the capacity to take up employment anywhere in Nigeria and the world and

  4. Making our graduates job creators by applying their acquired skills.